The Beginner’s Mind to Eating More Fruit

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eating more fruit

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First off. You’ve got to eat more fruit and do it “organically.”

Realistically, that is.

That means you’re going to begin eating more fruit by changing your mind and not what you do at the moment. This happens once you hear my story.

I’m writing to you from Costa Rica. It’s further south than Mexico and north of Panama. What’s interesting, I’m still in America.

I’m not eating more fruits by merits of health alone. Fruits are harvested here in every backyard and bodega. If you spent money on papayas, it’s because you’re acting like a tourist. I couldn’t call myself a local however.

My year trip is settled in local culture, though, and the constant presence of hanging fruit when you leave the resorts and hotels is daunting. It makes you wonder. That same curiosity will build an appetite for eating more fruit.

“There’s got to be a way to make fruit more accessible back home,” the thought I had lingered.

We don’t recognize fruit, as we should. In the US, we just don’t “get it.” There’s something behind the notion of “the lowest hanging fruit” we don’t see everyday.

When it’s there, its hard not to appreciate the prosperity in it. It makes you want to eat.

In Virginia, I never knew where my food came from. What I see today makes me sympathize with Adam and Eve even. They were coaxed because it was low, hanging and ready for picking.


Children in Costa Rica aren’t told to eat more of it. Those trees are standard yard assemblies emitting bright colors and scents that alone wet the appetite of childhood. Bananas, mangoes, cashews, coconuts, oranges and limes alone. …are ripe at the villa I’ve called home these past months.

I simply step outside and have my choosing.

The only things I recall as convenient are fast-food joints back in the States.

The accompanying ads say fruit has no place unless it’s bottled or in a cup of yogurt. The convenience of fruits here has given me a new out look.

I’m revived.

It’s endearing, and I only needed but understanding to make the transition.

You will likewise.

Since you can’t at the moment join me in that adventure, I wanted you to become a connoisseur anyhow.

You’re men. As Americans, we’re eating more than 50 percent the recommended dose of meat. Daily. We won’t get into the constipation and diseases many deal with as a result. Much of it can be subsided with healthy doses of fiber.

Fiber comes from fruit like the ones picked every morning as I prepare breakfast. Just an arm’s reach out the window.

What you’re going to need is the same romance, so consider it. If you haven’t developed a practice of eating fruits, it might be because you didn’t know it’s necessary. Marketers in the US developed many of the practices we have.

And that’s culture for you. It’s contagious.

So your first, complete step to eating more fruit comes by changing your mindset. Reread this if you haven’t already. It’s a true story, and the one I’m living.

From Costa Rica, with Love

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