Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Are the Real Deal

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Katie Holmes is easily one of the most private and secretive celebrities in Hollywood. This wasn’t always the case, but ever since her split from Tom Cruise in 2012, she has gone to great lengths to keep her private life, well, private.

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This is what makes the are they aren’t they drama between her and Jamie Foxx all the more intriguing. The rumors first began all the way back in August of 2013 when they shared a dance at a benefit. Since then the two have been photographed together very rarely, but they have been seen entering and leaving the same place separately on a fairly regular basis. They have vehemently denied any romantic involvement, always pleading “just friends.”

While the rumors have ranged from secret babies and children to barely acquaintances, new evidence matches up with a few other peculiarities, and finally we know that the secret romance is real. Claudia Jordan, of Real Housewives of Atlanta, spilled the beans during her time on the Allegedly podcast. A longtime friend of Foxx, she said the two have been together for years and that, “He is very happy with her. I like that he seems very happy.”

This confession lines up perfectly with a few incriminating instances. A rarely seen photo of the two holding hands in a studio was difficult for their representatives to deny. On top of that, they have both been seen wearing rings on their left fingers, and one was a pretty large diamond that Holmes sported for some time. While we can probably believe that there hasn’t been a secret engagement or pregnancy, enough of their closest friends have confirmed the relationship at this point. The cat is most certainly out of the bag, and Hollywood’s hottest secret couple is the real deal. Now we’re just waiting for them to publicly admit what we’ve known, or at least hoped, for the past three years.

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