5 Reasons Why Exercise Is Essential For Men

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Men who are constantly exercising will always tell you how more powerful, fit and energetic they are. These reasons alone are not, however, enough to justify a proper exercise in men. Any man will always find these five reasons to exercise fascinating and motivating. The reasons include; staying strong for everyday life, keeping healthy bones, prevention of injuries, better looks and increased metabolism.

1. Stay strong for everyday life
Studies show that men who don’t exercise are likely to lose 30 to 40 percent strength by the age of 65a and 75. Constant exercise in men helps to stimulate their muscles thus making them remain stronger each day. The reverse is true, if you don’t use your muscles, they will eventually waste away. By having a proper workout, most men are likely to at least double or triple their power of muscles

2. Keeping your bones healthy
Severe bone loss can easily result in a disease called osteoporosis. The number of casualties of this kind of diseases is on the increasing edge. This only means that several men are going to have weaker bones before their old age. This condition and diseases can, however, be avoided. The only secret lies in exercise. Walking, jogging and weight lifting are very essential for the growth of healthy bones. Sometimes some men go for supplements that boost the strength of their bones, well; this could also work as long as it is accompanied by regular exercise. These types of exercise have the ability to press our bones. The act of pressing our bones stimulates them and prevents them from wearing out.

3. Prevention of injuries
An exercise can increase the strength of the muscle in men. When your muscles are strong, it means that one is less injury prone. The other advantage of exercise regarding fewer injuries is that in increase the balance and surefootedness. Studies have shown that those who fall in their old age end up being admitted for bone injuries. To avoid this cases exercise has been widely recommended.

4. Better looking
If you ask most men who are constantly visiting the gym, their major reason lies in the aspect of looking good. It is true; men who exercise have a better posture than those who don’t. Weightlifting in men increases their chest muscles that are loved by everyone. Good arms and impressive abs are only obtained through a proper workout.

5. Speeding up metabolism
Human metabolism can be defined as the number of calories one is burning at any given time. . Exercise has the effect of burning your metabolism thus reducing the number of calories in our system. Excess calories, on the other hand, have diverse negative effect in our bodies. However, there are positive impacts of increased metabolism are the increased rate of blood circulation in our bodies. Good circulation of blood can be very significance to men during sexual intercourse.

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